Cherries A La Me!

I have a sweet little Cherry. Wanna get sum?

I had a caller ask me how old I was the first time I was touched and I told him I was just 5. I was abducted by a stranger who molested me and tried to do even more. Sometimes I wonder what he would’ve done to me if I had gotten in his car again.

7 is the age I was when I first got fucked for real. If you wanna hear me tell the story, you should call! It’s really naughty but I bet it would make you super hot! It still gets me wet whenever I think about what he did to me. Kinda sexy, huh?

So take advantage of my Special and Get your first 10 minutes for just $1.00 per minute! Oh come on, gimme a call! I don’t bite! I’m very sweet and I’ll make you cum so hard, you’ll be back for more the same day!

My sweet little pussy awaits! Lick it, finger it, fuck it.. Do what you want to me! I’m a sweet little slut who’ll take you right to the edge of where ecstasy! Put your wet cock in my sweet little mouth as I lick your slit for pre-cum candy! Fuck me. Cum in my pussy and get me pregnant and breed me and create your own special little “family!” I don’t scare easy and I’m a dirty, dirty girl, so talk about anything you like! I love hearing a guy tell me what he’s done! I’m an extreme age play girl, so you can talk about anything! I love a good confession!

I have toys I like to play with so don’t miss out! I’m a naughty, nasty girl, who just wants to please! I live for approval, so gimme a call! I’ll take your worries away!

Get your 1st 10 Minutes for just $1.00 per minute! Don’t miss it! This is the best deal ever!


Phone: 1-866-803-9591 • E-Mail: • On Twitter @ChrissysCherry

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