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Back from Vacation

Howdy everyone! I’m back from vacation and raring to go!

I went to Hawaii for a month and boy did I have a great time! A friend rented a beach house in Oahu and we just played, and played, drank, sang, BBQ’d every night, we just had so much fun!

I’d love to tell you about the extra fun I had with a bunch of the guys that happened to be staying with us! They had their own bungalow just on the beach but we were up and eating every morning, hanging in the sun, the water was very nice, not like the Pacific Coast, it was welcoming and warm! Even in February!

We spent most of the days on the beach getting tan! I burned a little but not much. We enjoyed going swimming in the rain in the pool where we were staying. It was a lavish home that was rented by my friends folks and we just had a ball! I live in CA? I paid $200 round trip on Southwest! It was the best time I’ve had in a long time! Best beach sex ever!

Call me and I’ll tell you all about the island cave my friend and I were invited to! We got so stoned, we were doing all kinds of sex acts with several men! It was heavenly!


Hope to chat with you soon boys! I’m super horny just thinkin about my trip! = )


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I’m Thankful For You!

I just wanted to thank all of my clients out there who’ve connected with me in a special way this year. I hope you all have had a great time and I especially appreciate all those who became frequent callers! You all make me so hot! I have had a great time and have had a great time, or became one of my many frequent callers!

Here’s My Frequent Callers  Special!  Extend your 10 minute call to 15 minutes and pay just $17.50. *US Calls Onlyl  Just mention this post when you call and I promise to give you a very memorable call!

As you may already know, I’m into Age Play, Extreme Age Play, Gang Bangs, being Pimped Out is fun. I do anything and everything! I am an Anything Goes kind of girl with No Limits – No Taboo’s and No Restrictions! In fact, I encourage you to talk about the taboo and forbidden! The forbidden is just so fuckin hot!

Here’s My Thanksgiving Special Special! All New Callers will get their 10 minute call for 1/2 price! *US Calls Only. That’s a Great Deal!

While you’re deciding whether to call, remember this: I take very good care of my callers! I love to use a dildo in order to play and cum with you and I’m never a phony. I tell real stories and love to hear confessions!

Call me and get the Special and have a good time from now until Midnight Saturday, November 28th! Talk about Black Friday Savings! This special goes until the Saturday after Thanksgiving! That means if you call once, and you’re a frequent caller, you’ll get the deal for the duration of this special!

Give me a call, baby. I’ll wash all your cares away. I’ll take care of you and give you a special rate through the end of Thanksgiving week!

Hope to hear from you real soon!


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Did You Vote?

Hi, ya’ll! Did you vote today?

If you got out and voted, make sure to tell me about this post when you call and you’ll get your call for half off! Similarly, if you didn’t vote, that’s okay too cause this special goes all week! Get your call at 1/2 price till next Monday!

Sound like a good deal? I do try and this little country girl is gonna rock your world when you call! I may look young, but I have a load of experience with talking dirty to guys like you. I know how to keep you interested and how to keep your attention. While you’re with me, you’ll be laid back in ecstasy no matter what your fantasy!

I’ll make you cum so hard, you’ll swear you’ve died and gone to heaven!

Let this sweet little country girl make all your troubles fade like the wind and don’t forget to mention this post to get your call at 1/2 off!

Call soon, sugar!

Lil Kenzie
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Warped and Loving It!

I am soooo warped! I’ve been haring the most sensual, erotic, hot, arousing and just downright sinful sexual fantasies a girl can have!

I have a dark side. It haunts me but I give into it all the time. The fantasies I’m willing to allow into my mind are getting hotter and hotter and nastier and nastier and meaner and meaner. I can be a sexual bully when I wanna be, but for the most part I am controlled by someone else when in certain social circles. 

I’ve been getting snuff calls a lot lately, so I went and watched a few snuff porn flicks. I got hooked! Watching a girl who’s got dead eyes being fucked by a rapist is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stop watching them. I found something new to think about! Something new to obsess over, to learn about….and oh wow! So fuckin hot!

I’ve also been getting a lot of rape role play calls. Oh, so fucking hot! I like thinking about being an accomplice as well as the victim! I love the fantasy of kidnap/rape/snuff type shit! 

I’m sure you have a fantasy or two you could share with me that would make me just as hot, am I right? You really should call! Mention this blog post and get your call for 1/2 price! This offer expires on Tuesday at Midnight, Pacific Time.

Call soon, lover!


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Looking for Daddy

I’ve always been a total slut!

Right now, I’m incredibly horny and would do anything to get off, including anything Daddy wants me to do. I’m a very bad girl, or so I’ve been told, because I tempt Daddy every time I walk by him. He likes to take me far away from the house where he can take his time with me. He likes to watch me writhe to his touch, his kiss, his licking.

I think he likes to drive me wild with his lips on me, sucking me, fingering me and eventually fucking me. I was very young when it started. I was fucked by my uncles, neighbor’s, a brother and my step dad. My brother used to fuck me on a daily basis after school. He was supposed to be watching me but instead, he was corrupting me, making me love sex!

So come and get it Daddy, uncles, brothers, etc. I’ll let you fuck me! I’m such a little man pleasing whore!

I’d do anything to please you, including accomplice abduction, rape role play, extreme age play, (any age), extreme penetration, and anything to do with snuff. I love it all!

So give me a call! I’m sure our play will cause you to feel ecstasy in a way you’ve never felt it before. I love to please all you pervs, perv daddy’s, perv uncles, etc.

Call and let’s explore the darker side of your fantasy. I wanna cum with you, Daddy! I’ll do anything to make you cum and I wanna suck it right out of your cock and make you wanna rape my pussy, ass and mouth.

Let’s fuck!

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Don’t Miss This Special!

I’m really horny right now, so if you call you’ll probably get me to do whatever you want me to do! I can be a very compliant victim!

I love to role play and I am quite attached to the Age Play fantasy. I like it dark, nasty and extreme! I like the breeding fantasy as well. It kinda goes with it so I do the whole kit and kaboodle!

I would love to play with you, no matter what your fantasy and right now, you can get this super special rate! 20 Minutes for just $20.00..THIS SPECIAL IS GOOD THRU NEXT FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT EST! DON’T MISS OUT!

I’m a nasty little slut who wants to please you! I’ll do anything to make you happy! So give  me a call and let’s get started on that wicked, dark, gothic, nasty fantasy you know you want to role play! I can be anything or anyone you want! 

I have a lot of repeat customers who know just how perverted I can be, which is why they keep cumming back! I want you to cum too! I’ll do it all! Anything Goes – No Taboo’s – The More Forbidden, the BETTER!

So give me a call! I’ll play with myself while we’re on the phone with my dildo’s and other toys… i mean, you guys shouldn’t get to have ALL the fun, right?

Call! I don’t bite! In fact, I’m quite the little puttytat!


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All The Little Evil Things……

Hi all you sick, sexually twisted freaks!

Welcome to my world! i’m a sick, twisted little freak myself, and I love the dark, twisted and completely evil role plays, you know, the ones you keep fresh in your mind at night? About that girl you would love to rape, sexually dominate, manipulate, impregnate and make your abducted sex slave? I’m her and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to sexually satisfy you.

No matter how dark, I can make it darker. Rape, Snuff, Age Play, Abduction/Rape, Rape Submission, Gang Rape, Gang Bang, Rough Sex, Forced Sexual Sadism, Religious Sexual Fantasies (Think Witches Coven’s and such?).

I’m such a nasty girl, that my mind seems to know no bounds when it comes to sensual, erotic play. I love to be dominated, forced to submit to big black cock, and I will willingly worship them as well. Give me a wafer and make me suck your cock! I love big cock and I get off on the fact that men get so hard when I walk by in my super short skirt that only goes to just above the bottom bubble of my ass, just hanging out, begging to be raped!

I also can’t get enough pussy! Yum, yum, yum! I love licking pussy and using toys to make another girl cum! I love doing a 69 with another girl while she’s getting fucked by one of my friends who then feeds me his cock with her pussy all over it! So tasty!

There are even darker fantasies that run through my mind and they involve ritualistic gang rape/gang bangs. They also involve some of the most evil depictions of sex I can think of. Evil can really get a-hold of my brain when I’m high or sexually aroused. If in a conversation over the phone, I imagine it as my caller explains it. I fall right into the devil’s trap. My fantasy turns to the men in my church and how they continually try to fuck the evil, demonic spirit out of me, as the devil sits laughing via the other elders in the church as the Father says, “Fuck away!”

My brain is like a spider’s web of sexual fantasy. i love vampire movies and the idea of having my body’s blood drained by a sexual sadist like Dracula. Much like erotic asphyxiation, the idea of the blood draining from my body and how it could make me cum, gets me really wet. The sexual fantasies in the book by Bram Stoker are very suggestive, evil and erotic.

So, what’s your most evil fantasy? Wanna share it with me? I’d love to discuss it and then cum together, how about you? I like to talk about anything dirty, nasty, filthy and evil. I’m a sick twisted freak! I warned you! See that speculum I’m about to get fucked with in the pic to the left? I love medical fantasies too! Rape me, Dr. Fuck Me!


So call soon! I’d love to explore the nastiest, most evil fantasy you can tell me about and then make it even hotter with my sexually depraved mind!

Call soon & let’s have sum fun! I’d like to cum with you!


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I Like It Rough

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of calls from guys who fantasize about rape. I enjoy those calls immensely! I enjoy all kinds of rape fantasy! Abduct me, tie me down to a mattress in an old shed on your property. I’m kept blindfolded, gagged and in the dark. You and your friends use toys on me while I’m blindfolded and gagged. Then you all take turns raping my cunt, ass and mouth. You fuck me mercilessly! It won’t take long for you to rape my pussy into submission to your cock! I’m a complete slut who likes to worship cock & tease it till you throw me down and rape my tight little pussy & ass!

I love talking dirty and getting off with horny guys who like Age Play, Extreme Age Play, (including breeding), Rape Fantasy, Gang Rape Fantasy, Pimped Out Fantasy, etc. No Taboo’s – No Limits – No Restrictions!

Use my body to pay back your gambling debts! Sell me to the highest bidder for the night every night. Get me high and help that bidder keep me high so I don’t fight anything he and his friends want to do to me. Face fuck me with 12 of your best friends. Turn a gang rape scenario into a gang rape submission fantasy which can be super hot! Rape this tight, wet, horny pussy!

You know you want it! Don’t wait. Call now! Get this Super Special while it lasts! I’ll take any caller, no matter what you’re into. I do it all! Anything Goes! 

Call me and tell me every nasty, perverted, sick, twisted & evil way you’d like to fuck my hot little pussy. I wanna be your new favorite slut to call! Cum dominate me. Tie me up and do all manner of evil to me! I like it rough! LET’S PLAY! 

I can’t wait to take you to a whole new level in phone sex role playing. I’ll talk about the things other girls refuse to talk about. Sex with family members, strangers your parents set you up with, oh, there is a lot of unspoken evil out there and I get hot all the time thinking about it! So call me or email me your sick, twisted fantasies and fill me in on what you want, and I’ll make sure you get it! I can get sick and twisted myself, probably because I was abused for years as a child. Don’t fucking feel sorry for me! I wouldn’t do this if I wasn’t good at it, or if I didn’t have a sick mind from things done to me in the past. I’ll tell you all about it on our call and I’ll make your dick so hard, you’ll want to explode! I can’t wait to cum with you! I wanna be your hot little fuck toy, the girl who never says no, who loves to get raped into submission to cock, and forced to fuck whoever you tell me to fuck!

I’m up for anything! I’m so HOT I’m offering a Super Special!


Get a 20 Minute call for just $20.00! We call it “20 for 20.” Mention this post to get this special! This offer expires on Monday, 8/31 at Midnight EST. 

Call me soon! I can’t wait for you to violate me! It’ll be so hot! So fun! My pussy is bound to explode!


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Just My Imagination?

Maybe some of you Step Dad’s can set me straight on this, but I think my Step Dad has been coming onto me! Whenever I’m home and in a room by myself, he walks up from behind me at the kitchen sink or the stove, or the washing machine, etc., and shoves himself into me so hard I can feel his hard dick!

Every time I think about that, I wonder, “Why didn’t I just turn around, get on my knees and show his cock sum love?” There have been several other incidents where he came awfully close to putting his hands on me and if he had, I would’ve let him do whatever he wanted to me.

He could’ve ate me, fucked me, fingered me, played with me, I would’ve done anything to please him! I’m an approval addict like that. It’s probably why I’m such a good Sub.

Anyway, maybe some of you Step Dads could call me and share your stories! Would love to get you off real good! I’m a hot, nasty, dirty & horny little slut and I don’t shy away from any subject! I have No Taboo’s – No Limits – No Restrictions & Anything Goes!

I’m a sick, nasty girl & I love to get guys like you off! Call today and get in on this DEAL!

Get my latest special when you call! Get a 25% Discount when you mention this post! Offer Expires Monday at Midnight!

Save 25% when you mention this post when you call! Call today and get you sum!


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Extremely Yours

When I say “No Taboo’s” or “No Limits,” I mean it!

I have the nastiest, filthiest mind that I’ll make you hot with just one sentence of my Extreme Fantsy brain!

My voice along with a few words can go a long way, and can go even further if you just let go. I did, and while the subject would normally offend or disgust me, you can feel very different about that same subject in a sexually charged type of situation, such as foreplay and intercourse, that leads to fantasy role play’s and acting them out, making each other feel super hot!

You know, when you call, you can talk about anything you want! I love age play and can be as young as you want. I’m a sick little puppy because there’s that thing that starts with a “B” that I can’t talk about here or I’ll get kicked off the net, but it’s something I love to think and talk nasty about. I have other fetishes I love to talk about such as Medical, Religious, Incest, Family Play, Home Invasion, Rape Fantasy, etc. I’m just an extreme sort of girl! I’ll talk about anything that is Taboo or Forbidden because let’s face it. It’s fuckin’ hot and really fun!

I hope you’ll give me a call! I’d love to meet you and get off with you. I don’t just moan or make noise, I actually have dildo’s I play with while we talk! In fact, I’m so horny right now, I might get into our call and forget about the time!

I’ve been so horny all day! I’d hump the bed if it was as good as a dick, but it isn’t. I’d love to be skin on skin, touching and tasting your cock while I look you in the eye, my mouth around your shaft, looking up at you, smiling with your cock in my face.

This Week’s Special!!!!

Get a 10 minute call for just $!5.00

Get a 20 Minute Call for $25.00

Get a 1/2 Hour for $50!

These are sum great deals! So, give me a call and confess your “Extreme Fantasies!” I can’t wait to hear all about them and play with you while we talk about them, taking the fantasy to the next level. Call today!


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