I’m Your Girl, Daddy!

Hi Daddy! I’m your naughty little vixen and I’m in the mood to play naughty too!

You always make me feel safe and loved. I never believed the things mommy said about you. I know we have a special kind of relationship. I must be really mature for you to love me in that way. I know it’s different but it seems to work for us.

I’ll never forget the day I learned I was Daddy’s Special Girl! You made me want it. You put your hands on me, touched me in certain ways and I just melted away. giving in to you almost instantly.

I’d love to lay down, tease you with my hard nipples and my writhing on the bed, spreading my legs, letting you use your fingers, feeling me, getting my panties all wet. Would you like me to  take them off and tell me how you’re going to keep them, along with my scent, and that I might never get them back. How does that sound to you, Daddy? Which pair do you want me to wear?

You know I’ll do anything to please you, so just tell me what you want me to do, when you want me to do it, and how you want me to do it, and that’s all I’ need to know. I wanna make you feel good Daddy. I wanna feel good too. You always make me feel good. You make me feel special!

I may be young, but I have wisdom beyond my years. I enjoy pleasing men so this seemed like a natural job for me and I turned out to be excellent at it! I hope I get a chance to prove it to you!

I look forward to it!


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