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Hi, I’m Riley!

Hi, I’m the newest addition to the site and I wanted to say “Hi,” to everyone!

I’m a very naughty, nasty girl and I can get very dark, but that’s the fun part of the taboo, isn’t it? I’m young, but I have more experience that most girls my age so you should definitely check me out. I am filthy on the phone and if you like that sort of thing then you really should just call me.

I’m into all types of taboo, forbidden and perverted subjects and love talking about the more evil side to our sexual desires. There are lines you cross and there are lines you don’t cross.

Question is, how far are you willing to go? How far we’re willing to go says a lot about us. It shows our depravity, our lack of self governance, our strong desire to be dominated by a man, our truly submissive side coming out in a most attractive way. Fucking. Being fucked. Sex can become ritualistic and get very hot, very fast. Satanic ritual is all consuming. It’s one of the hottest topics I’ve ever talked about and I can get very dark if called upon to be dark, or talk about very dark, nasty, filthy things. The taboo and forbidden are truly intoxicating. To be fed upon by predators in a hard core way while getting off on it and cumming hard during a truly satisfying phone experience, is extremely hot! I’m not sure I will be able to keep from cumming within minutes of taking your call, maybe within the first minute if you’re into the things I’m into.

I’m totally into age play, abduction accomplice, extreme age play, breeding, pregnancy play, labor and delivery fucking, incest, family fun, gang rape, gang bang, rape fantasy, snuff, necrophilia, anal, extreme penetration, big black cocks, confessions, real life stories, erotic asphyxiation, medical fetish, BDSM-Submissive, pedo play, erotica, tantric sex, I’m into just about everything! I love all things taboo, perverted, forbidden and evil. I love the occult and love the idea of being part of a coven that worships Satan with our bodies, defiling ourselves in every way sexually possible, which can get pretty dark, but if you’re into it, it can be super fuckin hot! Call me! I’ll tell you about it!

Try me out. I’m young, but very experienced. I have a lot of real life experience that I’m sure would really turn you on. My parents never missed me on the days I was taken and I never told another soul about what was happening to me. I liked the attention so I promised to never tell anyone about what he was doing to me. I can cum just thinkin about it!

Get my Introductory Special! Mention this blog post when you call and get your call for 1/2 price! Just $1.00 per minute, 10 minute minimum. Believe me, phone sex with me is likely something you’ll never forget. Limits? Well, if you have any limits, you let me know. I haven’t reached my limit yet, so keep the stories and fantasies cummin!

Give me a call. Remember, get your call for just $1.00 per minute when you mention this post! This Special Does Not Expire but it’s only good for your 1st call! 



1-888-507-7235 👀 WileyRiley2001@gmail.com👀 Twitter: @WRiley2001