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Let Me Rock Your World!

I’ve been daydreaming a lot lately, which is kinda “not normal” for me. I’m usually the one who initiates sex, but tonight, you turned me on so much, that I broke my rule. I let you fuck me bare back.  I shouldn’t have led you on. I just wanted to fool around a little, you know?

We young things are starting to take over from another crowd of girls like me who like talking dirty to guys on the phone. When you engage in investigation, the first rule is don’t forget the duck tape! 

Have you ever had to take some girl up to her room to pass out. You close out the party and that’s when you cum into my room and start to take off my clothes so I’m more comfortable. What’s cumming is that this weird machine here is going to make me cum, over and over again, against your will. It’s a great fuck toy!

I’m pretty much open and ready for anything and I’m very willing to do what you want me to in order to get your approval. I’m a bit of an approval addict. I want you to want it, you know? See below for information on how you can get free minutes added to your call by just voting for our site, at FantasySecrets.com. Click on the blinking red, white and blue button that says “VOTE” and “TOP SITES.” Enter the 3 letter code to enter the site, which then registers the vote!  

When you VOTE, you’ll get My Super Duper Special when you call in! Just mention this post! I would also like for you guys, as many as you can, to vote for our site. We keep dipping in the list! I need as many guys as possible to vote! So, when you vote, and tell me the code, you’ll get your call for 1/2 off! That’s right, the call will cost you $1.00 per minute instead of $2.00! That’s a great deal! 

Call me soon baby. Cum talk to me about your fantasies and I’ll help you make them very real!


1-866-803-9591 💋 ChrissyCherries@gmail.com 💋 Twitter: @ChrissysCherry




I’ve had the best time so far out here, talking to all you naughty guys! You all have the same effect on me You all make me so wet while we talk. It’s almost embarrassing how horny I get! I can’t seem to help it. I get so excited talking about a certain subject with a hot guy like you that I forget myself completely and just totally let go and just go ahead and feel it all, right along with you! It can be so hot! I love taking a dildo and putting it close to my clit while you talk about what it is that really turns you on.

I’ve decided to do a SPECIAL to acknowledge all you wonderful pervs out there who would like to do a lot of very naughty things to me and my sweet young body. I’d like to celebrate the “love” I share with all of you when we talk about me being so young and tight, hot and wet, sweet and willing! I’m so willing that I’d like to offer you a very special rate when you call! Simply mention that you saw this blog, you’ll get a 10 minute call for just $13.50! That’s a GREAT DEAL! DON’T MISS OUT CUZ THIS DEAL EXPIRES ON JUNE 23RD!

I’m a very naughty girl and I can’t wait to get off with you! Let’s let our imaginations run wild! I’m a natural submissive, so I like to be dominated! Tie me up and throw me down on the bed and have your way with me! I love rape fantasy, it’s one of my favorite topics! 

So give me a call! I’m an open book and would love to tell you all my secrets!

Until then,



1-888-507-7235  ♦ WileyRiley2001@gmail.com ♦ Twitter: @WRiley2001

It’s Time To Party!

I have been away on other business and family stuff came up, so I haven’t been around as much as I’d like, but I’m back and ready for summer!

I’m offering a SUPER DUPER SPECIAL! When you call between now and June 15th, you can get a call with me for 1/2 price! That’s right! $1.00 Per Minute, 10 Minute Minimum. All you have to do is Vote for our Site and mention this blog post! Make sure to look for the red, white and blue flashing light on the right hand side of this page.

Click the button and you’ll be redirected to another page that asks you to type in the 3 letter code you are given in the box. If you can’t read it, just hit refresh and put the new code into the box below and hit enter! Sound like a plan? Call if you have any questions!

I hope you’ll take me up on this awesome special deal and call me and get off the right way! I’m in the south, and I’m just full of hospitality and I never want to disappoint a guest, so if they want sex, I just give them what they want! It’s usually a solidly fun outcome, so why not?.

You may know how nasty I am if you’ve talked with me before, but I’ve got a lot of clients who say that I’m the best they’ve ever had on the phone. I guess that’s something. At least I’m good at something! (Wink-Wiink).

So cum and play with me! I love to play with myself while we talk dirty as fuck!

Call me!

Lil Kenzie
Phone: 1-888-977-0747
Email: IrishKenzieO@gmail.com
Twitter: @LilKenzie16


Huggable, Squeezable Me!

I’ve had a banner week last week for calls. I didn’t have any specials running but something I said in a post must’ve caught their attention!

You see, all the pedo’s love me because I’ll be their accomplice, or pretend to be whatever age they want, while I use a dildo to simulate being fucked during the call. In most cases, they can me me explode by using just the right words. Words that give a certain visual that makes me so fuckin wet, I can’t hang on!\

You could probably make me explode that way, over and over! I’m such a little slut, I’ll go as far as you want, even to the edge, even if it’s over a line, because that’s what really turns me on!

I love certain things more than most, but considering my age and my petite body, I’m sure you can figure out what kind of calls I take the most! Yes, you guessed it, Age Play! Although I love Age Play and Extreme Age Play, Breeding, Pregnancy Sex/Fantasy, I love a lot of other things as well!

Being a submissive, I dream about several men, circling me in masks so I don’t know who they are. Their hands all over my lovely naked body, while I’m tied down to a table, with dildo’s and foreign objects on a table are about to be used on me. Maybe you could finish out the fantasy for me?

I’m announcing a SUPER SPECIAL right here, right now! When you call and do a 10 minute call for $20, you’ll get an additional 5 minutes free! That means a 15 minute call will cost you what a 10 minute call would cost! That’s like getting $10 back in your pocket!! Also you can get a 5 Minute call with me for just $7.50! This is the BEST DEAL around! Just call 866-803-9591 and mention this post to get the deal! This Special Expires on June 15th, 2021 at Midnight PST.

So, what are you waiting for? Call me! I’d love to chat!


1-866-803-9591 💋 ChrissyCherries@gmail.com 💋 Twitter: @ChrissysCherry


Naughty Childhood Memories

I have some of the raunchiest memories of having sex when I was very young. I’m not sure if I’d get kicked off this sight for talking about it, but here goes.

I lost my cherry at 6 1/2 and was told that I was on this earth for one reason. To service and please cock. I was sucking dick at 3, getting played with in my pussy lips by 4, stretched for a few years, and then the High Priest and my Daddy took me.

Once I was properly broken in and stretched enough, I got fucked regularly by men my Daddy would bring to my room at night. Men who paid to fuck my little cunt and I actually enjoyed the way they licked my clit!

I went to my first ritual at 7. An orgy broke out and I was drugged by something in our soda, and was getting fucked and loving it. By the age of 8, I could regularly cum while I was getting fucked by one of the families Dad’s. There were 10 families that we swapped with and I fucked all of their dad’s at least once. Some of them became regular Daddy’s to me and fucked my brains out, sometimes 3 at a time?

If that doesn’t get your dick hard, I have other stories that will. All you have to do is call me. I grew up in a sex cult and became a submissive little whore because of it. I was treated like trash, literally thrown between men in a situation where I would say I was raped, but after awhile, I just submitted and began to beg for more.

I fucked men who were older, middle aged, and even younger boys. I loved being the center of attention in some of their sex games. It was fun being high and just not giving a shit and enjoying what they were doing to me as they seduced me into begging for their cocks to fuck me.

I’d love to get a call from you where we could talk about all of the things I had done to me, the things I was forced to do to other little girls, etc., because it all makes me so wet even now. Just thinking about it makes me so fuckin horny! I guess I’m a sexaholic because I don’t just talk during my calls. I regularly use a great dildo that can make me cum over & over and I’d love to cum, just for you, so pick up the phone and call me baby!

I’m offering a very SPECIAL DEAL! When you call and you mention this blog post you can get your call for just $1.25 per minute! That way a 10 minute call will cost just $12.50 instead of $20.00! Just mention this post and you’ll get my special! You can order 20 Minutes for $25.00! That’ll give you more time to tell me what you’re into, and to set up a role play! And if I’m having a lot of fun with you, I might just let the clock slip! It’s my site and I’ll do what I wanna! Sound like a plan? I’m just a submissive little slut looking for a Daddy to fuck me and take care of me…..to be my new Sugar Daddy.

Anyway, make sure to call and mention this post! I’ll give you my super special hot deal!

Call me soon!



1-888-507-7235 👀 WileyRiley2001@gmail.com👀 Twitter: @WRiley2001


Back from Vacation

Howdy everyone! I’m back from vacation and raring to go!

I went to Hawaii for a month and boy did I have a great time! A friend rented a beach house in Oahu and we just played, and played, drank, sang, BBQ’d every night, we just had so much fun!

I’d love to tell you about the extra fun I had with a bunch of the guys that happened to be staying with us! They had their own bungalow just on the beach but we were up and eating every morning, hanging in the sun, the water was very nice, not like the Pacific Coast, it was welcoming and warm! Even in February!

We spent most of the days on the beach getting tan! I burned a little but not much. We enjoyed going swimming in the rain in the pool where we were staying. It was a lavish home that was rented by my friends folks and we just had a ball! I live in CA? I paid $200 round trip on Southwest! It was the best time I’ve had in a long time! Best beach sex ever!

Call me and I’ll tell you all about the island cave my friend and I were invited to! We got so stoned, we were doing all kinds of sex acts with several men! It was heavenly!


Hope to chat with you soon boys! I’m super horny just thinkin about my trip! = )


1-866-803-9591 🍒 ChrissyCherries@gmail.com 🍒 Twitter: @ChrissysCherry

Hi, I’m Riley!

Hi, I’m the newest addition to the site and I wanted to say “Hi,” to everyone!

I’m a very naughty, nasty girl and I can get very dark, but that’s the fun part of the taboo, isn’t it? I’m young, but I have more experience that most girls my age so you should definitely check me out. I am filthy on the phone and if you like that sort of thing then you really should just call me.

I’m into all types of taboo, forbidden and perverted subjects and love talking about the more evil side to our sexual desires. There are lines you cross and there are lines you don’t cross.

Question is, how far are you willing to go? How far we’re willing to go says a lot about us. It shows our depravity, our lack of self governance, our strong desire to be dominated by a man, our truly submissive side coming out in a most attractive way. Fucking. Being fucked. Sex can become ritualistic and get very hot, very fast. Satanic ritual is all consuming. It’s one of the hottest topics I’ve ever talked about and I can get very dark if called upon to be dark, or talk about very dark, nasty, filthy things. The taboo and forbidden are truly intoxicating. To be fed upon by predators in a hard core way while getting off on it and cumming hard during a truly satisfying phone experience, is extremely hot! I’m not sure I will be able to keep from cumming within minutes of taking your call, maybe within the first minute if you’re into the things I’m into.

I’m totally into age play, abduction accomplice, extreme age play, breeding, pregnancy play, labor and delivery fucking, incest, family fun, gang rape, gang bang, rape fantasy, snuff, necrophilia, anal, extreme penetration, big black cocks, confessions, real life stories, erotic asphyxiation, medical fetish, BDSM-Submissive, pedo play, erotica, tantric sex, I’m into just about everything! I love all things taboo, perverted, forbidden and evil. I love the occult and love the idea of being part of a coven that worships Satan with our bodies, defiling ourselves in every way sexually possible, which can get pretty dark, but if you’re into it, it can be super fuckin hot! Call me! I’ll tell you about it!

Try me out. I’m young, but very experienced. I have a lot of real life experience that I’m sure would really turn you on. My parents never missed me on the days I was taken and I never told another soul about what was happening to me. I liked the attention so I promised to never tell anyone about what he was doing to me. I can cum just thinkin about it!

Get my Introductory Special! Mention this blog post when you call and get your call for 1/2 price! Just $1.00 per minute, 10 minute minimum. Believe me, phone sex with me is likely something you’ll never forget. Limits? Well, if you have any limits, you let me know. I haven’t reached my limit yet, so keep the stories and fantasies cummin!

Give me a call. Remember, get your call for just $1.00 per minute when you mention this post! This Special Does Not Expire but it’s only good for your 1st call! 



1-888-507-7235 👀 WileyRiley2001@gmail.com👀 Twitter: @WRiley2001

It’s Time For New Year’s Cheer!

Hi Ya’ll!

How are your holidays going so far? My Holidays were great! Spent it with family at our cabin out in nature’s purest land. We had a lot of “Family Fun,” if you get my drift? I’d love to tell you all about it. Just holler!

Thanksgiving was a lot of work. We had in-laws and outlaws for dinner and there were fireworks, both in and out of the kitchen, the living room, my bedroom, and other parts of the house including the back bathroom!! Shhhhh…. Don’t tell! It’s our little secret! Christmas was pretty thin this year, but we definitely made up for it with all the great food, good company, listening to the guys tell us their hunting stories and how many times they’d seen Big Foot and how they’d love to watch a Sasquatch rape me! LOL

But enough of the family, New Year’s is My Favorite Holiday! Let Jack, and Jim stand firmly in line next to Bombay and all those yummy drinks like a Tequila Sunrise, heavy on the Jose Cuervo and all those other fancy drinks that us girls love! Fuzzy Navel, Sex On The Beach are a couple of old favorites but I’d never say no to a Mojito!

My New Year’s Special!

All callers who mention this blog will get their call at 25% off! So a 10 Minute Call, normally $20, will cost you only $15. And anyone who purchases block time of 30 minutes or more will receive an even better deal! If you purchase block time with me, say for a 1/2 hour, you’ll only pay $45! And if you don’t use all the time in your 1/2 hour long call, you’ll receive the rest of that 1/2 as Call Credit, to be used anytime you have the need to get off with a beautiful girl like me, who loves everything and anything naughty, nasty, adventurous, twisted, evil…. The evil one’s are the hottest!

Basically, it comes down to this: If you purchase a 1/2 Hour call for $45 instead of $60,  any of the minutes you don’t use, become Caller Credit to be used at a later time – and it never expires!

So let the New Year’s fun begin! 

Call soon, sugar!

Lil Kenzie
Phone: 1-888-977-0747
Email: IrishKenzieO@gmail.com
Twitter: @LilKenzie16

I’m Thankful For You!

I just wanted to thank all of my clients out there who’ve connected with me in a special way this year. I hope you all have had a great time and I especially appreciate all those who became frequent callers! You all make me so hot! I have had a great time and have had a great time, or became one of my many frequent callers!

Here’s My Frequent Callers  Special!  Extend your 10 minute call to 15 minutes and pay just $17.50. *US Calls Onlyl  Just mention this post when you call and I promise to give you a very memorable call!

As you may already know, I’m into Age Play, Extreme Age Play, Gang Bangs, being Pimped Out is fun. I do anything and everything! I am an Anything Goes kind of girl with No Limits – No Taboo’s and No Restrictions! In fact, I encourage you to talk about the taboo and forbidden! The forbidden is just so fuckin hot!

Here’s My Thanksgiving Special Special! All New Callers will get their 10 minute call for 1/2 price! *US Calls Only. That’s a Great Deal!

While you’re deciding whether to call, remember this: I take very good care of my callers! I love to use a dildo in order to play and cum with you and I’m never a phony. I tell real stories and love to hear confessions!

Call me and get the Special and have a good time from now until Midnight Saturday, November 28th! Talk about Black Friday Savings! This special goes until the Saturday after Thanksgiving! That means if you call once, and you’re a frequent caller, you’ll get the deal for the duration of this special!

Give me a call, baby. I’ll wash all your cares away. I’ll take care of you and give you a special rate through the end of Thanksgiving week!

Hope to hear from you real soon!


1-866-803-9591 🍒 ChrissyCherries@gmail.com 🍒 Twitter: @ChrissysCherry

Did You Vote?

Hi, ya’ll! Did you vote today?

If you got out and voted, make sure to tell me about this post when you call and you’ll get your call for half off! Similarly, if you didn’t vote, that’s okay too cause this special goes all week! Get your call at 1/2 price till next Monday!

Sound like a good deal? I do try and this little country girl is gonna rock your world when you call! I may look young, but I have a load of experience with talking dirty to guys like you. I know how to keep you interested and how to keep your attention. While you’re with me, you’ll be laid back in ecstasy no matter what your fantasy!

I’ll make you cum so hard, you’ll swear you’ve died and gone to heaven!

Let this sweet little country girl make all your troubles fade like the wind and don’t forget to mention this post to get your call at 1/2 off!

Call soon, sugar!

Lil Kenzie
Phone: 1-888-977-0747
Email: IrishKenzieO@gmail.com
Twitter: @LilKenzie16