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It’s Time For New Year’s Cheer!

Hi Ya’ll!

How are your holidays going so far? My Holidays were great! Spent it with family at our cabin out in nature’s purest land. We had a lot of “Family Fun,” if you get my drift? I’d love to tell you all about it. Just holler!

Thanksgiving was a lot of work. We had in-laws and outlaws for dinner and there were fireworks, both in and out of the kitchen, the living room, my bedroom, and other parts of the house including the back bathroom!! Shhhhh…. Don’t tell! It’s our little secret! Christmas was pretty thin this year, but we definitely made up for it with all the great food, good company, listening to the guys tell us their hunting stories and how many times they’d seen Big Foot and how they’d love to watch a Sasquatch rape me! LOL

But enough of the family, New Year’s is My Favorite Holiday! Let Jack, and Jim stand firmly in line next to Bombay and all those yummy drinks like a Tequila Sunrise, heavy on the Jose Cuervo and all those other fancy drinks that us girls love! Fuzzy Navel, Sex On The Beach are a couple of old favorites but I’d never say no to a Mojito!

My New Year’s Special!

All callers who mention this blog will get their call at 25% off! So a 10 Minute Call, normally $20, will cost you only $15. And anyone who purchases block time of 30 minutes or more will receive an even better deal! If you purchase block time with me, say for a 1/2 hour, you’ll only pay $45! And if you don’t use all the time in your 1/2 hour long call, you’ll receive the rest of that 1/2 as Call Credit, to be used anytime you have the need to get off with a beautiful girl like me, who loves everything and anything naughty, nasty, adventurous, twisted, evil…. The evil one’s are the hottest!

Basically, it comes down to this: If you purchase a 1/2 Hour call for $45 instead of $60,  any of the minutes you don’t use, become Caller Credit to be used at a later time – and it never expires!

So let the New Year’s fun begin! 

Call soon, sugar!

Lil Kenzie
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