Warped and Loving It!

I am soooo warped! I’ve been haring the most sensual, erotic, hot, arousing and just downright sinful sexual fantasies a girl can have!

I have a dark side. It haunts me but I give into it all the time. The fantasies I’m willing to allow into my mind are getting hotter and hotter and nastier and nastier and meaner and meaner. I can be a sexual bully when I wanna be, but for the most part I am controlled by someone else when in certain social circles. 

I’ve been getting snuff calls a lot lately, so I went and watched a few snuff porn flicks. I got hooked! Watching a girl who’s got dead eyes being fucked by a rapist is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stop watching them. I found something new to think about! Something new to obsess over, to learn about….and oh wow! So fuckin hot!

I’ve also been getting a lot of rape role play calls. Oh, so fucking hot! I like thinking about being an accomplice as well as the victim! I love the fantasy of kidnap/rape/snuff type shit! 

I’m sure you have a fantasy or two you could share with me that would make me just as hot, am I right? You really should call! Mention this blog post and get your call for 1/2 price! This offer expires on Tuesday at Midnight, Pacific Time.

Call soon, lover!


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