I Like It Rough

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of calls from guys who fantasize about rape. I enjoy those calls immensely! I enjoy all kinds of rape fantasy! Abduct me, tie me down to a mattress in an old shed on your property. I’m kept blindfolded, gagged and in the dark. You and your friends use toys on me while I’m blindfolded and gagged. Then you all take turns raping my cunt, ass and mouth. You fuck me mercilessly! It won’t take long for you to rape my pussy into submission to your cock! I’m a complete slut who likes to worship cock & tease it till you throw me down and rape my tight little pussy & ass!

I love talking dirty and getting off with horny guys who like Age Play, Extreme Age Play, (including breeding), Rape Fantasy, Gang Rape Fantasy, Pimped Out Fantasy, etc. No Taboo’s – No Limits – No Restrictions!

Use my body to pay back your gambling debts! Sell me to the highest bidder for the night every night. Get me high and help that bidder keep me high so I don’t fight anything he and his friends want to do to me. Face fuck me with 12 of your best friends. Turn a gang rape scenario into a gang rape submission fantasy which can be super hot! Rape this tight, wet, horny pussy!

You know you want it! Don’t wait. Call now! Get this Super Special while it lasts! I’ll take any caller, no matter what you’re into. I do it all! Anything Goes! 

Call me and tell me every nasty, perverted, sick, twisted & evil way you’d like to fuck my hot little pussy. I wanna be your new favorite slut to call! Cum dominate me. Tie me up and do all manner of evil to me! I like it rough! LET’S PLAY! 

I can’t wait to take you to a whole new level in phone sex role playing. I’ll talk about the things other girls refuse to talk about. Sex with family members, strangers your parents set you up with, oh, there is a lot of unspoken evil out there and I get hot all the time thinking about it! So call me or email me your sick, twisted fantasies and fill me in on what you want, and I’ll make sure you get it! I can get sick and twisted myself, probably because I was abused for years as a child. Don’t fucking feel sorry for me! I wouldn’t do this if I wasn’t good at it, or if I didn’t have a sick mind from things done to me in the past. I’ll tell you all about it on our call and I’ll make your dick so hard, you’ll want to explode! I can’t wait to cum with you! I wanna be your hot little fuck toy, the girl who never says no, who loves to get raped into submission to cock, and forced to fuck whoever you tell me to fuck!

I’m up for anything! I’m so HOT I’m offering a Super Special!


Get a 20 Minute call for just $20.00! We call it “20 for 20.” Mention this post to get this special! This offer expires on Monday, 8/31 at Midnight EST. 

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