Just My Imagination?

Maybe some of you Step Dad’s can set me straight on this, but I think my Step Dad has been coming onto me! Whenever I’m home and in a room by myself, he walks up from behind me at the kitchen sink or the stove, or the washing machine, etc., and shoves himself into me so hard I can feel his hard dick!

Every time I think about that, I wonder, “Why didn’t I just turn around, get on my knees and show his cock sum love?” There have been several other incidents where he came awfully close to putting his hands on me and if he had, I would’ve let him do whatever he wanted to me.

He could’ve ate me, fucked me, fingered me, played with me, I would’ve done anything to please him! I’m an approval addict like that. It’s probably why I’m such a good Sub.

Anyway, maybe some of you Step Dads could call me and share your stories! Would love to get you off real good! I’m a hot, nasty, dirty & horny little slut and I don’t shy away from any subject! I have No Taboo’s – No Limits – No Restrictions & Anything Goes!

I’m a sick, nasty girl & I love to get guys like you off! Call today and get in on this DEAL!

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