Super Special September!

If you have the “back to school” blues, no need to get upset! Just call me, and get a super special girl, with a super special deal! Let me explain.

I’m a sugar baby, and I love for my sugar daddies to be dominant, ordering me to cum for them while talking about the most forbidden taboo’s there are when it comes to pedophilia or necrophilia or any kind of philia, I’ve never heard of a subject that was so strange, it couldn’t be discussed between adults, but that’s a wrong assumption, that leads to explosive results. Sometimes good or great results, and other times, yeah, not so much.

I’m into everything from BDSM – Domination by a guy, really turns me on, so tie me up and use those paramedic scissors to cut off all of my clothes, so you can put foreign objects and several differently sized dildo’s into every bodily cavity I have, including my pee hole, which is exotic, but causes such an explosion, and so quickly! AMAZING ORGASM! I didn’t get it at first, but then somebody did it to me? I cam within 4 1/2 strokes with a sterilized eyebrow pencil. Even if you just do it once, you’ll get why it’s such a thing!

I also love Age Play and Extreme Age Play, Breeding, Labor and Delivery Ceremonies, Pedo Fuck Toys, Pussy Destroyers, and I love crossing lines, so if you think you can make me even nastier than I am right now, call me and get my special deal!

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So, give me a call! Don’t be afraid! I’m a bit dark and twisty, but I grew up in a sexually open environment, so we never had bad grades, or sexual issues in school like some of the other drama queens did. With other little Pony Tails, (girls who wear ponytails or braids, are virgins, go to Catholic schools, wear school uniforms, have certain routines, schedules, etc.), and what we’d do, wasn’t always so cut and dry. A girl needs time to fit something that big in her cunt! Of course, that that just makes it more fun when you have to get creative about what to do with whom, or do whoever you like at the moment, or the one that your with, either way, scratch that itch baby!

Come on! I need the fucked up guys out there, who like to talk to girls like me, who are nasty as fuck, horny as fuck and wants to do nothing but fuck! I’d let you sell my pussy to your friends, or to strangers because you wanna watch me getting fucked, and seeing how I respond to another man’s dick, a new one, different each and every time, fuckin me while you jack off on my tits or in my mouth, or all over me, in my hair, face, back, belly, rub it into my tits, let me lick it off of my tits, and get you to explode a second time!

I’m horny baby, can’t you see? I need cock, kinda bad? I’m really  horny as fuck! Call and take me to hell with you baby, I’m ready to be fucked by some hard fuckin cock! I need it! Please call and fuck me? My demons are at it again! You really don’t want to miss out on this one!

I’m so horny! Aren’t you?



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