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Back from Vacation

Howdy everyone! I’m back from vacation and raring to go!

I went to Hawaii for a month and boy did I have a great time! A friend rented a beach house in Oahu and we just played, and played, drank, sang, BBQ’d every night, we just had so much fun!

I’d love to tell you about the extra fun I had with a bunch of the guys that happened to be staying with us! They had their own bungalow just on the beach but we were up and eating every morning, hanging in the sun, the water was very nice, not like the Pacific Coast, it was welcoming and warm! Even in February!

We spent most of the days on the beach getting tan! I burned a little but not much. We enjoyed going swimming in the rain in the pool where we were staying. It was a lavish home that was rented by my friends folks and we just had a ball! I live in CA? I paid $200 round trip on Southwest! It was the best time I’ve had in a long time! Best beach sex ever!

Call me and I’ll tell you all about the island cave my friend and I were invited to! We got so stoned, we were doing all kinds of sex acts with several men! It was heavenly!


Hope to chat with you soon boys! I’m super horny just thinkin about my trip! = )


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Don’t Miss This Special!

I’m really horny right now, so if you call you’ll probably get me to do whatever you want me to do! I can be a very compliant victim!

I love to role play and I am quite attached to the Age Play fantasy. I like it dark, nasty and extreme! I like the breeding fantasy as well. It kinda goes with it so I do the whole kit and kaboodle!

I would love to play with you, no matter what your fantasy and right now, you can get this super special rate! 20 Minutes for just $20.00..THIS SPECIAL IS GOOD THRU NEXT FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT EST! DON’T MISS OUT!

I’m a nasty little slut who wants to please you! I’ll do anything to make you happy! So give  me a call and let’s get started on that wicked, dark, gothic, nasty fantasy you know you want to role play! I can be anything or anyone you want! 

I have a lot of repeat customers who know just how perverted I can be, which is why they keep cumming back! I want you to cum too! I’ll do it all! Anything Goes – No Taboo’s – The More Forbidden, the BETTER!

So give me a call! I’ll play with myself while we’re on the phone with my dildo’s and other toys… i mean, you guys shouldn’t get to have ALL the fun, right?

Call! I don’t bite! In fact, I’m quite the little puttytat!


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