Sweet Summer Deals!

Hey everyone! How’s your summer going? Mine is doing good, but man, has it ever been hot here! We’re setting records here in Northern California, after a lousy amount of rain this winter. and it’s just so hot, it’s amazing more of the state hasn’t burned yet! YIKES!

Is it HOT where you are? Or is it hotter still, inside of your pants? I’d love to sit next to you on your couch with crotchless panties, black thigh highs, black high heels, my makeup pristine, my body HOT HOT HOT, just acting like I’m begging you to fuck me!

Tell me baby, what would you do to me? Would you get me another drink, and seduce me into fucking you, or would you just take it? I’m rather fond of those that just take what they want. I like being dominated, forced to suck, fuck and please every one of your friends, if asked to do so. I’d comply like a good little whorey type wife! lol

I’d love to explore that or any other fantasy you may have about me because I’m always so horny and sometimes, it’s so slow, that I forget to watch the clock while I’m having fun and getting off with you! I’m just such a BAD GIRL! 

If that sounds really hot to you, why not call me and finish the fantasy? I’m offering a SUPER SPECIAL DEAL to my callers from now until the 10th of August, at which time this DEAL will expire! 8/10/2021 at Midnight Pacific! So don’t miss out! Mention this post and VOTE for my site! You’ll find this VOTE button on the right hand side of the screen. It will flash the words “Top Sites” and do so in red, white and blue. You can’t miss it! After you enter the 3 lower case letter code, gimme a call and I’ll give you a 1/2 Off Discount! Just call and mention this post!

I hope you’re all well, out in the sunshine and having a great time, but if you get a chance, help a girl out? Call me and phone fuck with me!

Let’s get this show on the road! VOTE for my site here – to the right side of the screen, and then call me, and mention this post and you’ll get your call for HALF PRICE!

Call soon!

Lil Kenzie
Phone: 1-888-977-0747
Email: IrishKenzieO@gmail.com
Twitter: @LilKenzie16